Our Nomadic Multidisciplinary Residency Programs
aim to facilitate space and time for dialogue, research, contemplation, collaboration and development of carefully curated projects and ideas that bring about cultural development and ecological awareness.

Our mission is to encourage multidisciplinary intersections amongst the fields of art, music, design, natural sciences, writing, body practices and healing, as the key to finding empowering alternatives and fostering healthy connections between people and places.

By organizing 1 to 3 month-long residential programs in rural communities (which are the guardians of our natural and cultural resources), we aim to find reflections in nature and address real problems from places of peace and quiet conducive to inspiring thought and action. Emphasizing creativity, collectivity, alternative innovation and information exchange, we want look at and transform our current circumstances by approaching all expressions of life from holistic perspective. 

Our Reasons…
Like in most developing countries, Panama is undergoing structural and socio-cultural change as a result of unsustainable economic development. As various groups of Panamanian society move away from values that respect nature, advance culture and the arts, a new sense of emergency arises amongst those who see these as imperatives for sustainable progress and societal maturity. Panama is also growing very fast both economically and culturally. Estudio Nuboso emerges as a much needed tool to influence the current landscape. We strive to become a forceful, catalyst for ideas and actions that will support true development from the rural to the urban, from the local to the global.