28 June 2010

Estudio Nuboso Vision Reloaded

We are collaborating across the ocean on books, and brainstorming ideas for residential projects. For the time being, we have plans to hold events once a year in Eco Venao, Bajo Grande and Panama City. 

Our mission is to improve quality of life by being profoundly involved and focused on facilitating balance in the body, environment and coexistence with community and nature. We aim to do this through creativity, education, communication and a supportive, sustainable approach to life. By establishing a local and global exchange with human-social and environmental awareness, we will promote peace and growth for all parties involved. 

In the long term we aim to be...

* An umbrella under which projects and initiatives that share our vision can manifest and receive support through us and our allies

* A platform for exchange of ideas and practices in art, wellbeing and sustainability

* A place grounded in the principles of Permaculture, to be in tune with the rhythms and flow of its environment and built to be self-sustainable

* A space to recharge

* An opportunity to go deep into the clouds of the creative process, condense ideas and come out with mild or pounding drops of rain which yield fresh clarity