13 June 2009

eco venao

one of two cabins by the river...

el rancho... the platform is almost finished... imagine this, bigger, with a few more trees around it....

for the lodge and fine houses for rent visit the gallery in www.venao.com

12 June 2009


All this dreaming, researching, designing and planning for the future of this marvelous place awakens a little bug inside to start moving! Start meeting! Start holding events to activate the spirit of the Estudio Nuboso…

So, in the meantime, we go to the Pacific coast. To a beautiful location called Eco Venao (www.venao.com).
It is a reforestation project in the Azuero Peninsula, with gorgeous houses for rent, plus cabins, lodge, and camping area. All down the road from a popular surfing beach break, and a brand new yoga platform facing the ocean!

There we have cooking facilities, as well as a massage table and surfboards to rent. There are also other surf breaks to explore, as well as a couple of national parks on mainland and an island excellent for diving and viewing turtles.

We are able to rent the whole place or just the lodge, camping area and platform. The prices change according to the time of year – December to April is high season (and the best season, for it is dry, breezy and delicious). The rest of the year it is cheaper, more available, greener and perhaps not the most comfy weather, but the landscape gets really mystical and special. So each season has it´s thing, of course.

We´d like to start with long weekend retreats: Contact Improvisation, Art Jams, and other movemente based practices.

If you are interested in offering a workshop, contact Ela at elaspalding@gmail.com and if you would like to be informed of the workshops when they happen, keep checking this blog as well as contactpanama.blogspot.com