27 March 2009

After the 1st charette

10 people. 
project presentation + brainstorm sessions + getting to know the area 
+ many many yummy meals 

A feeling of imminent success, and all over love... for the land, for the project.
Serendipitous connections.
And a true vision of the potential for living there (or spending considerable amounts of time) - living off the land, creatively, productively - having a social impact and experiencing life in a truly fulfilling way.

Varying degrees of involvement were expressed - all of us involved in the arts somehow: writing, photography, drawing, performance, design. And all with an extra skill which we are willing to share and put forth for this project.

Organic farming a priority - for our own food production, as a source of income, and as an important way of relating and working with the community.
Building with our own hands and physical work, being an important part of the process - a grounding experience we would all like to be a part of.

Now comes the business plan development, budget, grant writing. And researching for what is possible and how.

Overall - a working group in the making. The first steps toward landing this dream and planting it into the ground.
For now a few photos, and more details to come...