5 November 2009

Roses & Beans



Give me all your loving!
With rosy cheeks, flirty bodies and occasional love songs sung to the rhythm of a strict march we bang our heads into the kitchen sink and investigate the couple-relationship as an institution and the heterosexual relationship as the template of success. Can we possibly ever reproduce the partnership and at the same time make a revolution?

How am I supposed to live without you?
The project enrrols in the ranks of queer identity and political issues, but its interest is focusing on asking questions about what benefits we have and what problems are created when we are a part of society's most solid standards.

This is a story about love!
About how our unique love is shaped into a constellation of society and becomes exactly that which we want to revolt against and still find ourselves give form to again and again.

16 October 2009

¡Nuestra Primera Residencia!

Los bailarines y actores Tove Sahlin y Dag Andersson nos visitarán desde Suecia por seis semanas entre diciembre y enero.
La residencia se llevará a cabo en Eco Venao, donde estarán trabajando intensamente con su obra Roses and Beans. La misma se inició en el Ponderosa Tanzland Festival 2008, donde colaboré con ellos haciendo fotos para conseguir fondos para hacer esta pieza...

Ahora pueden desarrollar la obra, justamente aca, donde podremos seguir colaborando con imágen y performance. El tema principal que abordan en Roses and Beans es el amor y los roles de género en las relaciones interpersonales - las expectativas y las alternativas en las mismas.

Como parte de la residencia en Venao organizaremos varias actividades:

* tertulia sobre los beneficios y posibilidades de seguir con intercambios de éste tipo
* fin de semana de improvisación de contact
* taller de improvisación y performance
* taller de acrobacia gratis para los niños de la comunidad de Cañas

Al cabo de la residencia habrá un performance con instalación, y una discusión abierta con los artistas sobre la obra en la Ciudad de Panamá.

más información con fechas y detalles de los talleres pronto, y en el blog contactpanama.blogspot.com

16 September 2009

building from the inside out

...to establish the necessary networks for visiting artists to apply for funding in their own countries to come to us.
...reach out and use all the existing support systems available to us
...start offering residencies and workshops with our current facilities
...design sessions and refinging the project presentation
...living and gaining more experience, information, expanding our networks with this end in mind:

a place where all of our interests can coexist and be enriched by all the exchanges that will go on there between different people and practices.

13 June 2009

eco venao

one of two cabins by the river...

el rancho... the platform is almost finished... imagine this, bigger, with a few more trees around it....

for the lodge and fine houses for rent visit the gallery in www.venao.com

12 June 2009


All this dreaming, researching, designing and planning for the future of this marvelous place awakens a little bug inside to start moving! Start meeting! Start holding events to activate the spirit of the Estudio Nuboso…

So, in the meantime, we go to the Pacific coast. To a beautiful location called Eco Venao (www.venao.com).
It is a reforestation project in the Azuero Peninsula, with gorgeous houses for rent, plus cabins, lodge, and camping area. All down the road from a popular surfing beach break, and a brand new yoga platform facing the ocean!

There we have cooking facilities, as well as a massage table and surfboards to rent. There are also other surf breaks to explore, as well as a couple of national parks on mainland and an island excellent for diving and viewing turtles.

We are able to rent the whole place or just the lodge, camping area and platform. The prices change according to the time of year – December to April is high season (and the best season, for it is dry, breezy and delicious). The rest of the year it is cheaper, more available, greener and perhaps not the most comfy weather, but the landscape gets really mystical and special. So each season has it´s thing, of course.

We´d like to start with long weekend retreats: Contact Improvisation, Art Jams, and other movemente based practices.

If you are interested in offering a workshop, contact Ela at elaspalding@gmail.com and if you would like to be informed of the workshops when they happen, keep checking this blog as well as contactpanama.blogspot.com

8 May 2009

el despegue

El Estudio Nuboso va encontrando su gente nubosa...
y el fluir de las cosas continúa.
Cada quien encuentra su area de trabajo, y nuestras misiones van tomando formas específicas:

1. desarrollar el plan de negocios (ela y anabel)
2. crear un diseño preliminar de distribución de los elementos a construir en el terreno (Titin)
por ejemplo, el sauna escondido en el bosque :)
3. establecer conexiones fuertes con la comunidad local de productores orgánicos (maria gilma)
4. empezar un huerto y jugar con ideas de paisajismo (lorena)
5. investigar opciones de energía renovable y manejo de los deshechos (juan ma)
6. pasar tiempo en el sitio, cuidar del terreno, recolectar madera para el futuro. (josé)
7. poco a poco ir armando una presentación del proyecto - sutilmente correr la voz entre conocidos, artistas y potenciales amantes de un proyecto como éste. Asimismo, fortalecer nuestras redes de contacto en nuestras respectivas disciplinas. (Ela, Carla, todos)

27 March 2009

After the 1st charette

10 people. 
project presentation + brainstorm sessions + getting to know the area 
+ many many yummy meals 

A feeling of imminent success, and all over love... for the land, for the project.
Serendipitous connections.
And a true vision of the potential for living there (or spending considerable amounts of time) - living off the land, creatively, productively - having a social impact and experiencing life in a truly fulfilling way.

Varying degrees of involvement were expressed - all of us involved in the arts somehow: writing, photography, drawing, performance, design. And all with an extra skill which we are willing to share and put forth for this project.

Organic farming a priority - for our own food production, as a source of income, and as an important way of relating and working with the community.
Building with our own hands and physical work, being an important part of the process - a grounding experience we would all like to be a part of.

Now comes the business plan development, budget, grant writing. And researching for what is possible and how.

Overall - a working group in the making. The first steps toward landing this dream and planting it into the ground.
For now a few photos, and more details to come...